Hello 2017!

Ate a few too many mince pies at Christmas? Over-did the bubbles at New Year? We’ve all been there; that’s what holidays are for.

So we’ve got a little post-Christmas gift for you: a new range of super salads to help kick-start your clean and lean 2017. Try our Smoked Salmon & Egg Fit Box, our Super Nutty Fit Box or one of our handy side salads and get those vitamin levels up!

Salads not your thing? We’ve still got our tasty range of soups to fill you full of goodness and energy for the year ahead. Combine them with our new soup soldiers for the perfect grab-and- go meal.

And don’t forget we’re now serving our EAT. vegetable broth shot in a takeaway 99p cup for when you’re in the mood for a refreshing January blues boost.

2017, here we come!

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