Our delivery service is perfect for your working lunches, office get-togethers, events and meetings.

Our range of platters consist of the same preservative free food we sell in our shops. We use special trays and lids to protect your food and keep it fresh, ready to serve.


Fruit Platter

A selection of seasonal fresh fruit, contains 10 portions of fruit.

Freshly Baked Pastry Box

A selection of our freshly baked breakfast pastries. 3 Chocolate, Almond and Hazelnut Croissants, 3 All Butter Croissants and 3 Pain au Rasin.

Variety Platter

A choice of vegetarian, meat & fish sandwiches. Roast Chicken Salad – Tuna & Cucumber – Cheese & Tomato – Chunky Free Range Egg – Ham, Cheese Pickle. Contains 20 quarters.

Meat Platter

A variety of our fresh sandwiches. Roast Chicken Salad – BLT - Chicken & Bacon - Ham & Mature Cheddar – Chicken & Chorizo. Contains 20 quarters.

Vegetarian Platter

A selection of vegetarian sandwiches. 2 Rounds of Vegan Coronation Cauliflower - 2 Rounds of Chunky Free Range Egg – Cheese & Tomato. Contains 20 quarters.

Wrap Platter

A selection of our Chicken Salad – Hoisin Duck – Chicken Fajita – 2 rounds of Maroccan Falafel. Contains 20 quarters.

Baguette Platter

A taster of our best-selling baguettes. Chicken, Bacon and Avocado, Brie, Tomato & Basil, two rounds of Ham & Jarlsberg and two rounds of Tuna & Cucumber. Contains 24 Bite sized pieces.

Rustic Baguette Platter

Our rustic baguette cut into bite sized pieces. 2 Rounds of Chicken Caeser – 2 Rounds of Ham & Emmental – Red Pepper Tapenade, Avocado & Feta. Contains 20 pieces.

The Best Of EAT. Variety Platter

A selection of our most popular vegetarian, meat and fish sandwiches. BLT – Chicken & Chorizo – Turkey & Slaw – Scottish Salmon & Soft Cheese – Vegan Coronation Chicken. Contains 20 quarters

Bloomer Platter

A variety of our fresh bloomer sandwiches. New York Pastrami - Classic Cheddar Ploughman’s – Ham & Free Range Egg – Smoked Chicken, Tomato & Pesto – Beef & Horseradish. Contains 20 quarters.

Cake Platter

A selection of our delicious cakes cut into bite sized pieces. 6 x Carrot Cake, 6 Red Velvert Cake and 3 Watermelon and Thyme Cake. Contains 15 bite sizes pieces.

Treat Bag Chocolate Brownie

Our Belgian Chocolate Brownie chunks. Contains 20 bite sized pieces.

Treat Bag Millionaire Shortbread

10 bite sized pieces of Salted Caramel Millionaire's.

Cookie Treat Bag

3 x Oat & Fruit Cookies 3 x Triple Chocolate Cookies.

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