Soups & Wok Pots

Soups have been part of the EAT. story since the very beginning. All our soups are made in our kitchen from our own recipes, exactly as you would at home (just in slightly larger pots).

And we're very proud of our Wok Pots – you'll find them in the fridge. Take them to the counter to be brought to life with our simmering, fragrant broth.

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Wok Pots

  • Broth Shot (ve)

    Our fragrant broth made with lemongrass, ginger, allspice, aniseed, garlic and lime juice.

  • Chicken Ramen

    Chicken breast with sugar snap peas, carrot ribbons, edamame beans and spring onions in a ginger ramen...

  • Hoisin Duck Gyoza

    Hoisin duck gyoza dumplings served with sugar snap peas, red peppers, spring onions, wheat noodles and...

  • Red Thai Chicken

    Chicken breast combined with red thai curry paste and coconut, fresh vegetables and vermicelli rice noodles...

  • Veggie Gyoza (ve)

    Vegetable gyoza dumplings with loads of clean greens: wakame seaweed, edamame beans, pak choi and spring...

  • Wakame Miso (ve)

    A delicious miso made with wakame seaweed and shiitake mushrooms, edamame beans and vermicelli rice noodles...

For allergen information, please ask in the shops or refer to the shelf edge labels and packaging. We hope to have all our allergy information online soon.

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